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  • The shortage of farm labour during the war, especially acute at harvest time, was a problem. The Ministry asked schools to provide labour by organising Harvest Camps. It provided the necessary equipment and paid the schoolchildren a wage. In wartime much of the coast was out of bounds, beaches were covered with anti-tank devices, and many of the hotels were requisitioned for military use. To go on a Harvest Camp, one applied to the Ministry of Agriculture, which would subsequently send out a list of camps. Harvest Camps were part of the wider Dig for Victory campaign. From 1940 to 1945 groups of senior boys from Queen Elizabeth's volunteered each summer for harvest camps in the Stevenage area. Each camp lasted about a month with around 70 senior pupils attending along with several masters and adult volunteers.

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Spend your holiday at a farm camp!

Made using a school notebook. Illustrations have been taken from other sources and stuck into the book. Handwritten captions accompany the illustrations.
The book contains two narratives: "Spend your holiday at a farm camp" and "A Day At A Harvest Camp". The first is written in black ink and the second is written in blue ink.
The reference to Poker Works Unlimited on the cover is a reference to John Pearce, Maths master.

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