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Spend your holiday at a farm camp!

Made using a school notebook. Illustrations have been taken from other sources and stuck into the book. Handwritten captions accompany the illustrations.
The book contains two narratives: "Spend your holiday at a farm camp" and "A Day At A Harvest Camp". The first is written in black ink and the second is written in blue ink.
The reference to Poker Works Unlimited on the cover is a reference to John Pearce, Maths master.

Not known

The 'Old Man' in Full Flight

'For a 13 year old boy this athletic musicianship was wonderful to behold. I drew this caricature for the Hobbies Exhibition of 1949. I was fortunately advised that it was not appropriate and so it was not submitted. Now, more than 50 years later, Eric Shearly has asked my to pass this piece of memorabilia to the Old Elizabethan Memorial Library. I do this with great pleasure as my small tribute to a very great Headmaster.' - Don Christie

Christie, Don W

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