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This website is designed to allow you to browse and search material held by QE Collections at Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet. You will not be asked to log in and you will not be asked for any personally identifying information.

Cookies & Analytics

Like many websites, we use 'cookies' in order to enable the browsing and loading of certain types of content. A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your computer in the form of a basic text file. This enables us to improve this site and helps us to provide you with a better experience when you browse our collections. These cookies do not collect any personally identifying information.

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None of the information gathered through the use of cookies or Google Analytics is used for any purpose other than the ones described above.

Logged-in users

We do not require users to log in to use this website. However, for some purposes (e.g. research) we may provide users with an account that they log in to using a username and password. Log in data (usernames and passwords) is collected solely for the purpose of enabling users to log in to the website and is not disclosed to third parties. All user passwords are stored in an encrypted form to protect them.

Personal Data

Please note: If you use the personal data present in our Collections as part of your research (or in any other activities) then you become a Data Controller in relation to that data, and are responsible for using that data fairly, ethically, and in compliance with the law. In particular, personal data which is used for research purposes may not be used in order to make decisions about or take actions in relation to the data subject in question, and may not be used in ways which would cause substantial damage or distress to them.